UEGO Software

Download latest versions of UEGO software. This page is primarily for M&W UEGO customers to download the latest versions however software may be downloaded for evaluation purposes. However unless you have a UEGO system these programs will run but not perform anything useful. M&W Ignitions hold the copyright on this software and copies may not be sold or further distributed without the permission of M&W Ignitions.

All OS trademarks on this page remain the property of their respective owners and are shown only to help the customer identify which software version is needed.

System requirements listed below:
DOS: Dos 3.1 or later, 80286 , VGA, 1 X Serial Port available (must be COM1).
WinUego1_5: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, 486DX 50Mhz, VGA 640x480, 1 X Serial Port available.
Uego2Graph: Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, Pentium 90Mhz, VGA 640x480, 1 X Serial Port available.
Uego3Graph: Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, Pentium 200 Mhz, SVGA 800X600, 1 X Serial Port available.
Note: with the Windows versions there are no DLL's or other support files. The files when saved to a disk drive may be executed without any installation needed.
PocketPC: WinCE 3.0 or later, 1 X Serial port available with PC type 9 pin serial connector.(may need an adapter)
Mac: PowerPC ClassicOS Ver 8.6-9.2 , 1 X Serial port available with PC type 9 pin serial connector.(use a modem cable)

A 9pin to 9pin RS232 cable is supplied with each Uego controller kit.

NOTE: iPaqs using a sync cable require an adapter.





UEGO DOS software: Uego2.exe



UEGO Windows software (good if you only have an old 486 laptop): WinUego1_5.exe

UEGO Windows Real Time Graph software (V2.4): Uego2Graph.exe

PocketPC Ver1.2

UEGO Pocket PC (Note: MIPS 4000 version. Compaq Aero's with PocketPC OS use this one):


UEGO Pocket PC (Note: ARM/Xscale version.  iPAQ's use this one):

UegoV1_2 ARM.CAB

UEGO Pocket PC software (Note: SH3 version): UegoV1_2 SH3.CAB

PocketPC software installation

(1) copy the CAB file to your PocketPC.

(2) Then "tap" on the CAB file to install.

(3) Look in "Programs" and "tap" on the Uego icon to execute.

(4) Program will display  ****  if Uego controller not connected.




Not available for NTK Uego controller.




LSU4 Uego DOS software:UEGO3.exe



UEGO LSU4 Windows software (V1.1): UegoLSUGraph.exe

PocketPC Ver1.0

 LSU4 UEGO PocketPC (Note: MIPS 4000 version. Compaq Aero's with PocketPC OS use this one):

LSU4UegoV1_1.Mips 4000 (4K) v3.00.CAB

LSU4 UEGO PocketPC (Note: ARM/Xscale version.  iPAQ's use this one):

LSU4UegoV1_1.Arm 1100 (4K) v3.00.CAB


MacOS (PowerPC Classic OS Ver8.6 - 9.2)



A 9pin PC type adapter to Mac mini DIN8 "modem" cable as shown below is required. The 9pin to 9pin cable supplied with the Uego kit can then be used. USB only Macs require a USB to RS232 serial converter cable.

(Note: we do not supply this cable or the USB to RS232 converter cable)

MacOS (can choose port) V1.1 M&W UEGO.sit

MacOS (Uses modem port only) V1.0 M&W UEGOM.sit

MacOS (Uses printer port only) V1.0 M&W UEGOP.sit

 MacOSX (PowerPC OSX)


 We will consider this if asked.