Tacho Adaptor


When installing modern electronics into an older vehicle it is often found that the tacho will not function or is inaccurate. Previously tacho's were connected to the coil negative terminal and required a completely different signal to that produced by ECU's and electronic ignition systems.

The M&W TAC002 tacho adaptor may be used to convert a digital tacho output to a coil negative signal. In addition some ignition systems such as our two box street and drag race CDI's have two separate tacho outputs. The TAC002 Tacho Adaptor will take both signals and combine them into a single signal representing true engine rpm.



  • Part# TAC002
  • Twin tacho signal inputs
  • Combines tacho signal from two box ignition systems
  • 50% duty cycle +12V digital tacho output
  • Coil negative style tacho output for older vehicles
  • Amplifies 5V signals to 12V for modern tacho's
  • See technical information section for data sheet and further details