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The Ultimate Tuning Tool !

The M&W Uego system uses a Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor and this works completely differently from a normal oxygen sensor you would find in your car. It allows precise measurement over a wide AFR range. UEGO sensor systems are used by all original equipment manufacturers for ECU mapping and are also widely used in motorsports including F1.


The microprocessor controlled M&W Uego controllers feature a fully linearized real time 0 to 5 volt analog output giving 10 to 20/1 air fuel ratio.

This simple scaling allows easy input into data acquisition systems and engine management systems. 12V operation with a cigarette lighter plug allows easy fitment for vehicle testing. The optional RS232 port allows connection to IBM compatible computers, Apple PowerPC (OS 8.6-9.1), laptops and palmtops with DOS, Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP and PocketPC software available. The controllers use a true wide range (wideband) NTK UEGO or Bosch LSU4 UEGO sensor which when used with the tail pipe probe adapter provides a very versatile tuning tool for engine mapping and diagnostic purposes. Latest software versions can be downloaded from the Software page (DOS and Windows NTK UEGO realtime screens shown below).

Dos screen


Windows Screen


As well as being able to mount the sensor in the exhaust directly we supply a universal tail pipe probe that has a simple clamp mount. This is a very fast and non intrusive way to measure the AFR and is ideal for chassis dynamometer work. With the controller inside on the floor powered by a 12V lighter socket the sensor cable may be installed through the rear hatch or window allowing on road measurement for tuning and ECU mapping. Click on link below to download detailed PDF data sheet.